Co-founder>>International cooperative educational institution / project application bill of materials

Reporting institutions / Project name:
Level: Graduate / Undergraduate / specialist / medium / pre-school / training
Category: Education / non-academic education
1, cooperative education application (attach wording)

2, the institution / project application form (both sides seal mechanism, both sides body corporate or client signature)
* Both sides need to be stamped, signed by both sides body corporate or client
(Signature of the case, the original power of attorney shall be accompanied by a legal person)

3. Cooperation Agreement
* Protocol essential elements: the name of international cooperation agencies, school address, and international cooperation in running the school name, address, legal representative, mission and training objectives, content and duration of cooperation (should be clear to date), the parties put in the way, the amount of the payment deadline and capital, rights and obligations and dispute settlement, the applicable law and so on.
* Agreement Annex mentioned must be accompanied by
* Both sides need to be stamped the agreement, the two sides signed by the principal or a body corporate
* Protocol required to submit the original version

4. Organization statute (if the application program is not required to provide)

5, the proposed body corporate, the principal (the identity, qualifications, curriculum vitae, no criminal proof)

6, the applicant organization: the proposed school sites institution (school places proof; proof of ownership of the lessor)
Application project: teaching space and the use of proven sketch

7, Teacher Ming
8, proof of funds (with assets of capital investment: proven commitment of funds; donation agreement and proof)

9, donation agreements and related assets to prove (with donation)

10, international cooperative educators proof of legal status

11, international cooperative education institutions to prove

12, to be issued by the Chinese and foreign academic degree certificate is kind (the real kind, not a copy)

13, foreign educational institutions in the country has carried out cooperative education Assessment Report (If you can not provide the required explanation)

14, detailed cost estimates list

15. Other Related Materials

16, agency / project application form mdb electronic document