Oxford  Art Academe and actively promote the process of internationalization, building cooperation with relevant United Nations bodies, "UNEP - Oxford Art Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development Institute" and other institutions. With the formal operation of the co-Academy, the field of international exchanges will further broaden the Oxford School of Art.


College to discuss cooperation with foreign press, prepare text of the agreement

Text of the agreement submitted to the Foreign Affairs Office of Audit

Foreign Office agreed to review the principal's office reported after agreement

Principal agreement, the principal's office official seal stamped with corporate bodies

College preparation of all required application materials

After the unit after the application materials submitted to the examination and approval of the Foreign Affairs Office of Audit

After the examination and approval of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Office of the President to report

Office of the President issued on the wording, the principal sign in the organization / project application form, the principal's office stamped with the official seal of legal entities

School / college within the specified time will pay up all application materials  Education Evaluation hospital

British Board of Education review the application materials, complete application materials to determine the organization after a panel of experts review the material
(Such as material errors or omissions, school / college education committee mirage basis having to request additional material)

After review by a panel of experts to report by the British Board of Education Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education organized a panel of experts review the application materials

Upon examination of the applicant organization / cooperative education program in line with international regulations and related laws and regulations,
Ministry of Education approved the document issued by the school, and school license issued international cooperation
(If necessary, the Ministry of Education will notify my school to submit relevant supplementary instructional materials)