International Exchange

Internationalization is the only way for the construction of world-class universities, we promote the international development of the school building as an important starting point, in order to promote the internationalization of the reform school, and strive to create attractive international gathering of top scientists and excellent good environment for overseas students. Adhere to the "close friends" and "make" the principle of combining, follow quantitative to qualitative objective law of development, adhere to the "school-oriented departments as the main core of teachers and students, the project to support" the international construction guiding ideology, in accordance with the bottom-up, top-down combination promote the internationalization process.
So far, I have school and university 36 countries and regions to establish a cooperative relationship. Combined with the comprehensive school reform program, our school in cooperation with world-class universities started. And SUNY Stony Brook School, Purdue School, Illinois Institute of Technology School, Penn State undergraduate schools and other universities to establish a joint training program. Europe's famous university partnership has been fully developed, successfully applied to FP7 higher education cooperation projects, with six Paris, Dublin, Ireland schools and the London School of Leuven, Belgium 15 European schools known colleges and universities He signed a student, teacher swap agreements.
Internationalization has become a major basic trend of world development of higher education, international exchanges and cooperation has become an important starting point for school building world-class universities. We will take a broader perspective, a more open attitude, more persistent efforts to actively promote the internationalization of the construction work to achieve greater progress and achievements.