British Academy

     British economic strength and technological strength of the world's leading comprehensive national strength, the state has invested significant aspects of education and research accounted for than (5% of this total world), research output accounted for 9% of the world. British students have a choice of a choice, they tend to excellence and outstanding student while also providing good learning conditions and environment for them.

British education rigorous norms, education has a long history. British history of education 800 years. After continuous reform and innovation, honed, development and improvement of education in the UK is more solid and stable system more robust. Commonwealth countries have adopted widely and learn from.

British short academic qualifications, but also globally recognized! This is the main advantage in the future development and student employment. British undergraduate academic structure is generally three years (the study subjects with practicum discipline, Scotland University is four years). Graduate Students in UK MBA in addition to research and so on for one year. Certificate degree in the United Kingdom gained global recognition. While Britain and China also mutual recognition of qualifications, such as!

British diversified social atmosphere conducive to the integration of students. According to incomplete statistics, the British residents of social class, nationality, color, race, religion and other aspects of discrimination and the opposition is much lower than other European countries. Students can get the friendly, pro and treatment.

British social stability, security and good! UK regulators firearms assault weapons, control is very strict. Royal Police also continued in reducing the crime rate per year, on crime prevention efforts. According to many students of the reaction, the British police have a problem, basically can be satisfactorily resolved quickly! For foreign students, especially small age students this advantage is more practical, but also leaving the parents at ease!

UK higher rate of visa issuance, this is commonly known around the world. Full-time students and 20 hours per week in the UK enjoy legal work time count. Can be appropriate to reduce the financial burden on the family, contacts, all sectors of society in different countries people of different races, training to improve their language skills, social skills.

Overseas students enjoy free medical care and other social security services (one year or more academic students enjoy) in the UK. Further, for example: work-study students can apply NI NO-NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER (national insurance number), and any unforeseen circumstances arise during the work can get the appropriate safeguards and compensation!

British National location, temperate climate, the scenery pleasant, suitable for life to live! In addition, most British universities are in the center or near the center of the seat, and convenient transportation.

       British universities generally rely on government support, stable funding, strict supervision. From another aspect reflects the generally high quality of students, teaching quality is guaranteed!