Oxford Art Academe of university research management practices

     Chapter I General Provisions

The first order to continuously enhance research and innovation capacity of our teachers, and constantly improve the academic level, training of teachers at all levels to declare the competitiveness of various research projects, to further strengthen the scientific research project management, according to the relevant regulations, especially the development of this approach.
Article Oxford College of Art university research, to continuously improve the standardization of the management level, the establishment of smooth and efficient management mechanism.
Article Oxford School of Art university research projects to implement the scientific, fair, open, centralized declaration once a year, study period is generally 2--3 years, the College annually allocate special funds to finance university research projects.
Article declare Oxford School of Art university research is to declare other research projects at all levels of the premise and foundation.
Article research is that university research management organization responsible for project acceptance, evaluation, inspection, and acceptance knot work.

Chapter II project report

Article VI of university research-oriented school teaching staff working in the post, where the teaching staff in line with the conditions of the project may apply through their schools and in the secondary sector.
Article VII university research project scope are: topics academic ideas, in line with science and technology and economic and social development needs, it has important academic value, the theoretical and practical significance of the humanities and social science research projects and has a strong innovation larger promising technology projects. Teaching classes, general computer management system development and administration of class issues are not within the scope of the project.
Article VIII of the project conditions
1. Commitment to the project staff must have a certain scientific basis, key members have enough time and energy to engage in research projects.
2. No project leader in the research of the university research projects.
3. Research projects in the right direction, informative, fully demonstrated, the proposed key and difficult to break clear, clear research ideas, research methods of scientific and feasible.
4. Project for funding realistic, reasonable budget.
Article IX reporting procedures
1. College research at university research projects this year issued a notice to declare the end of April each year.
2. Applicants fill out the "Oxford Art Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Program Application Form" and the "Oxford Art Institute of Science and Technology Project Application Form" to declare the project according to the situation.
3. The applicant's secondary college or department to declare the project a preliminary review and sign the specific comments submitted unified official seal of Scientific Research.

Chapter III project evaluation and project

Article X Research Department pursuant to this Article 6, Article VII, Article 8 of the form of the declaration of the project review, review of unqualified items are not to be reviewed.
Article XI by the Research Department Academic Committee is responsible for organizing the project experts.
Article 12 Academic Committee review, the project is determined by collective vote of university research projects this year.

Chapter IV Project Management

Research at the implementation of Article XIII annual inspection system for university research projects, check the contents include:
1, the project leader and project team members whether the planned investment research strength.
2, research funding expenditure is reasonable, whether management specification.
3, the main problems existing in the research process and solutions.
Article XIV of the project implementation are generally not allowed to change the project leader or research content, will be allowed to extend the time limit or terminate the study program, indeed due to force majeure needs to be changed or terminated, the project leader should be submitted to change or withdraw the application report, together with the project summary, research reported at the approved filing. An extension of time in which the extension project should not normally exceed one year, extended for two years after the project has not yet completed, the college will withdraw the project and has allocated funding to recover, and must not declare all other levels of research projects.
Article XV of serious dereliction of duty and other subjective causes of project failures research projects, 3 years shall not declare the Oxford School of Art university research projects.
Article XVI practice of earmarking funding for research projects, the expenditure and the management to strictly enforce the "Oxford Art Institute research funds management approach." Revocation or suspension of the project for any reason, to recover all funds have been allocated; after violation of relevant provisions or fraudulent behavior, once found and verified, the withdrawal of the project's funding, and to recover all the funds have been allocated.

Chapter knot acceptance

Article XVII Oxford School of Art after the completion of university research projects, should make timely summary, filled in by the project leader, "the Oxford School of Art university research concluding report", with associated research and evidence.
Article XVIII of university research in the form of research papers must be formally published in the Journal of the National Press and Publication Administration official record; the outcome in the form of research reports as required to extract the main content of the paper was published, and comes complete study; outcomes in the form of books should generally be officially published, such as due to special circumstances has not yet officially published results (manuscript), organized by the project leader peer review and acceptance and issue approval opinion, which participate in the assessment of the experts of not less than five people, including school Experts shall not be less than three-fifths; research results in the form of applied research in science and technology should be issued Novelty and organize peer review and acceptance acceptance issued opinions, which participate in the assessment of the experts of not less than 5, which shall not be less than five outside experts thirds.
Article XIX of research results must be responsible for the results of the project as the first signer generated.
Diershitiao official papers, published works should remain basically the same name as the original project name.

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions

Article 21 The Department is responsible for the scientific explanation.

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