International Education

     (A) teacher

Foreign experts hired by the Oxford School of Art in behavior are kindly requested to observe the following rules:
Compliance with the daily rest system, strict compliance with the requirements of foreign experts teaching college program without first obtaining the consent Head of case not because he single-handedly changed the curriculum. Except in special circumstances, in the approval of International Exchange and Cooperation Department and the Department agree, the only change lesson plans. No special reason, may not leave early, late or interrupt the task of teaching.
Class on time, on schedule to complete the assigned task of teaching foreign experts reasonable time to complete the task of teaching should, play an exemplary role. Foreign experts should prepare lessons, correcting homework, test design and marking, and even the relationship between students and other aspects, for teachers and students to set a good example image. Oxford Art Institute hired its high standards of educational level and pride, thank modern methods of teaching foreign experts to bring our school and good personal qualities.
The priority assigned to complete the task of teaching the usual school may have other units requested foreign experts to help in some way. Without the consent of the consent of international exchanges and cooperation under the circumstances, foreign experts can not agree whether it is free or paid services. Any request for lectures, seminars, translation or other assistance request must be approved by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office.
Oxford College of Art regulatory compliance, foreign experts in the personal aspects of their lives please observe the following rules:
Personal moral behavior and values ​​of foreign experts will become a model for his students and colleagues. Therefore, I wish to ask the Oxford School of Art teachers and students to respect traditional moral values, and establish a role model in their personal lives.
Travel to allow foreign experts to travel freely in most areas, but it should be before booking travel plans for the holidays or spare time notify the International Exchange and Cooperation Office Oxford Arts. If necessary, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office will help arrange and booking. To ensure that foreign experts during employment safety and health, providing necessary travel outside the exclusive details and routes. Of course, all passengers must comply with government registration policy.
International Exchange and Cooperation Department Medical School of Art in Oxford foreign experts will arrange the necessary medical care. During medical diagnostic, laboratory or medical personnel and other expenses after surgery approved by the Oxford School of Art notified payments. As teachers request, international exchanges and cooperation department will provide translation assistance for medical treatment. Illness can not class foreign experts must be notified to the International Exchange and Cooperation.
Housing accommodation of foreign experts provided by the Oxford School of Art. Please do not honor foreign students or other tenants combined apartment facilities. Any maintenance request or to services, facilities, equipment, or other tenants dissatisfied with the conduct of international exchanges and cooperation should be submitted at the umpire made therefrom.
Visitors to live outside the college designed floor guests are kindly requested to comply with the relevant experts regulations. If you stay outside the special guests (such as visiting a family member or friend), its accommodation problems in consultation with the International Exchange and Cooperation.
Each foreign experts to provide two phones for personal communication telephone exchanges and cooperation at the international. Intercom calls free, outside telephone charges by the foreign experts themselves.

International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Oxford  Art   Academe
June 18, 2015

(B) students

Foreign Student Code of Conduct

1, students must abide by national laws, decrees and relevant regulations, must not interfere with internal affairs of States, without any words and deeds that endanger national security and interests.
2, maintaining and enhancing friendship among peoples, respect the customs of various countries, respect for teachers and school staff, unite students, does not infringe the rights of others.
3, consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the school and school discipline, without damaging public property, gambling, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, fighting or other bad behavior.
4, without prior request and by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and approved by relevant departments, campus and student residence may not distribute, post, exhibition publicity materials and assembly notice, can not show the movie on its own or to hold all kinds of gatherings, parties, shall not in school broadcasting activities.
5, students can not do things inconsistent with their status. It shall not be outside the school and work part-time.
6, if the issues need to leave college for other reasons, you need three days to inform the International Exchange and Cooperation Office in advance.
1, before the break, make sure your doors have been closed.
2, students should be left unattended personal belongings; large amount of money should be deposited in a bank. We should cut off water and electricity in the room before going out, and make sure the tube doors and windows. Care apartments and room facilities.
3, for security reasons, we recommend that students not to travel alone at night. If you want a night out, shall, before 11:00 back to the dormitory; without international exchange and cooperation of the permit, students can not stay in the room for the night his friend.
4, if the students are sick, international exchanges and cooperation will be accompanied by his officers went to the hospital for medical treatment, and provide the necessary assistance.

Oxford  Art   Academe studying basic school program

1. Application Materials:
1 "Oxford College of Art Students Application Form"
2 "Foreigner Physical Examination," a copy (* PDF format, use Adobe Acrobareader Open) study time may not be less than 180 days were provided
3 apply for undergraduate or graduate study are required to submit proof of HSK.
4 recent bareheaded photo 2 (48mm X 37mm)

2. Send application materials to China authorized by the Office of the Oxford School of Art:
Chinese Feng Lu Tongzhou District of Beijing Huang Yuan villa zone 3 District 74
Postal Code: 101100
Phone: 86-010-80502908 010-56626619

3. Admission notice:
Once accepted, the applicant will send my college, "the Oxford School of Art Student Application Form", "foreign students Visa Application Form" (JW202 form), the applicant within the prescribed time, holding the above-mentioned materials, "foreigners physique Check the record "original and passport to the consulate to apply for X visa (learn more than six months). Short-term Scholar (1--3 months) may also apply for L or F visa to come to school to learn.
4. Application deadline:
The first semester application deadline is June 20 each year, school time is 1 September; the second semester application deadline is December 30 each year, the opening time is March 1. Short-term training courses two months in advance to apply (the Oxford School of Arts Summer time surgery: early July - - the end of August; winter time: In mid-January - - mid-February)

* These arrangements are subject to change with the teaching arrangements. We will promptly notify changes.