Dean speech

     If today is to go beyond the ordinary life of the day, if we today are one of the few with a broader artistic, academic, teaching and learning in the world to stand together one day, then now is the Oxford School of Art's time to think about : In the second decade of this 21st century, we should play what role.

College indeed is to take responsibility. But we educated people in the arts need to first figure out what we have to to take responsibility. We are asked to report graduation rates, graduate school admission statistics, scores on standardized tests, the purpose is to increase the "added value" in college evaluation, it depends on how much research funding, faculty has published works number is how much ... ... But these hard targets by itself does not explain the achievements, not by the desire to achieve the goal to mention college. Although these indicators are important to understand, they can also explain our cause in some special parts. But our aim is much more ambitious than these, therefore, to explain our sense of responsibility, but also more difficult.

Well, let me venture to propose a definition come. A spirit of the Art Institute, is that it should be responsible in particular for the history and the future - not just or the merely is now responsible. In respect of a college scholarship, influence lifelong learning, the traditional heritage of thousands of years of knowledge, to create the future of learning. A college, it is necessary to look back, but also to look ahead and see approach which must - and should - and mass moment of concern or required opposed. College is to make a commitment to the timeless, and these investments will generate we can not predict and often can not be measured by income. For those who try to prove that the tradition but is instrumental, but some contemporary needs of some use it to say and practice, we will feel very uncomfortable. On the contrary, we pursue the traditional, to some extent, is "for their own sake," because it is they, for thousands of years to define how we as human beings, rather than because they can enhance our competitiveness in the world.

We pursue them because they make us - whether personal or social - to increase the depth and breadth of insight, and this, it is difficult to avoid short-sighted we can not find the moment. We also pursue them, but also because, as we need to survive, like food and housing, as we need to work and seek education to improve our luck, we as human beings also need to find meaning. We strive to understand who we are, come from, where to go, why not. For many people, the four years of college life, but allow yourself to freely explore an episode such fundamental issues only. But the significance of the find, there is no end to explore, explain it constantly, constantly interfering and re-interpretation of the status quo, constantly watching, will not be satisfied from existing discoveries. In fact, this is the essence of all knowledge, the arts, science, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, no exceptions, so it has become a "college is doing," the core lies. By its very nature, the college is to cultivate a culture of change in culture and even uncontrollable. This is the core college assume responsibility for the future. Education, research, teaching often all about change - when people learn, it changes the individual; when changing our view of the world in which we doubt, it changed the world; when our knowledge to policies at the time It changed the social. Expansion of knowledge means that change. But change often makes people feel uncomfortable, because it will lose at the same time you get in and you will discover disoriented. However, when the face of the future, schools have to embrace change that unstable, its every advance human understanding of the world are essential.

Our responsibility to the future we also made more demands. College location of both artist and scientist, this is unique. Responsibility for the future requires us to cross geographic and intellectual boundaries. As we live in the fields and disciplines are narrowing the gap between the age we live in is a gradual across the country in the world, in this world, knowledge itself is the most powerful linker.

Truth is the desire to achieve, rather than possession. In this one, we - and all in the spirit of thought and freedom of inquiry show its distinctive college together - challenge to those who embrace the indisputable certainty and even warned. We must constantly challenge themselves in this uncomfortable state, to keep themselves humble attitude, continue to believe that: there is more knowledge we need to understand, more knowledge we need to teach more The knowledge we need to understand.

Above all the responsibility borne by both represent a kind of power, but also represents a responsibility. We can live in a rational freedom, tradition and boosting resources extraordinary kingdom, because we are part of what is called "College" so curious and sacred organization. We need better to understand and promote the purposes of the Academy - not just to explain to the public the total holding critical stance, but also for our own values ​​and adhere to the self. We must act, but also as a member of the Academy, we are responsible for this idea of ​​the Community. We must be seen as mutually responsible for each other, because composed by our organization, in turn, defines our potential value. Responsibility for the future of our students included assumed special responsibility, because they are our most important goal and property. To persuade a country or the world to respect - let alone to support - and is committed to challenging society's most fundamental set of thinking that it is not easy. But, exactly it is our responsibility: we both going to explain our purpose, but also good to achieve our objective, which is what we these schools in this new century to survive and prosper value lies.