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       William Kentridge (William Kentridge), 1955 was born in Johannesburg, South Africa (Johannesburg), it is one of the most influential contemporary multimedia artist.
William Kentridge (William Kentridge) parents are Lithuanian and German immigrants, are lawyers. It is emphasized that his father was a famous South African anti-apartheid lawyer. William Kentridge was six years old, and once saw the Sharpeville massacre victims' photos on his father's desk. (His father was the families of the victims of the defense counsel), the moment he felt an unacceptable shock. After growing up in his artistic career, he is committed to making the most of the energy the audience can feel the feelings of his childhood moment, wake up from numbness long lived in violence generated.
Perhaps affected by family, he studied politics and African studies in his hometown of Witwatersrand (Witwatersrand) universities, and very early the utopian and revolutionary politics in South Africa, as well as the Nazi genocide link It also made him stay away from those at the Art Students chase for fashion art trends. William Kentridge is dramatic social and historical development bewitched, he looking for a way to express themselves in a special historical period of apartheid in the feeling, finally, he found the painting and drama. After graduation he began to study art Art Foundation also taught printmaking. In the mid-1970s, Kentridge actively involved in film and theater, and today he and a painter, writer, director, performer, set designer and many other titles.


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