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       Urs Fischer  Born in 1973 in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1993 moved to Amsterdam, now lives and works in Berlin, Los Angeles and Zurich. After 1996, he held the first solo exhibition in Zurich, his works began around the well-known art galleries and art centers around the world on display. In 2006, he participated in the American Whitney Art Museum Biennial. In 2007, he organized exhibitions at Gavin Brown'sEnterprise, thus, his work gradually began to be accepted countries outside Europe.
Some commentators believe Urs Fischer's work is somewhat isolated, or that there is a work inherent in the art world of his own. Critics also believe that his work is a social, touch the category of art history, but not attached to the college style, while pleasing the public. This may be he has never been to learn the art institutions have a close relationship, because he believes artistic ideas from the book in addition to high school outside of daily life, art is everywhere
In Marguerite de Ponty show, the entire four occupied five new sculptures Urs Fischer. Four of which are created in 2006-2008 between, and one in 2008-2009 between creation.
These are artists first with clay to produce a model, then scaling, in which the artist retains the clay kneaded left palm imprint indentation and finally the ability to turn into aluminum sculptures. This five sculptures each about 10-18 feet high, or hanging from the roof, or optionally be placed in the middle of the exhibition hall. Although these five sculptures shape is abstract, but they looked like five convex visible body posture slightly like a human torso. They also like five large, oddly shaped cocoons are placed in the middle of the exhibition hall. In these five sculptures, the only one to be suspended production in 2008-2009, he was suspended from the roof down, the tail where almost nothing a few inches off the ground.
Jet Set Lady is a three-dimensional artist's thought in a tree in the form of reproduction. The tree is 11 meters high, with a soldering iron, torso by intensive "branches" component. Here the so-called "branch" is actually constituted by the iron beams and columns based iron on behalf of the roots of the tree. On incredible plant dense tree carrying more than 2000 Urs Fischer paintings in the past five years, print pictures, and manuscripts, some of which have been subjected to computer processing. Stand in the exhibition of this tree gives a very magical feeling, as if the face of the earth miraculously grow back. Ilex's "leaf" has grown from the roots to the top, cover all the twigs. Plus neon projection, so that the tree shine.
Urs Fischer is to see their creation studio in Montreal when a wall is covered with dense paintings, manuscripts, photographs, and other works of this idea. Once again, he will usually mood to organize these papers, pictures and other converted into a form of a work of art. This was his bits and pieces of three-dimensional creative thinking on their own reproduction in five years, he's not words, not recounting, instead of using such a device in the form of sculpture to present to the audience.
In 2005, Urs Fisher, "bakery" in Milan, Istituto dei Ciechi in Via Vivaio exhibition, which he first solo exhibition in Italy. "Bakery" is a real living environment by building rooms. The main room is a wooden structure, built by the different lengths of wood together, and with nails firm, exposed ridge with. Walls and roofs, as well as between the timber and the timber are composed of different shapes and sizes of chunks of toasted bread and expanded foam. Middle house covered with oriental carpets, in addition to the house there are a few not yet learned to fly parrot. Over time, the exhibition, gradually rotting bread, bread crumbs and sawdust off the floor and exudes a stale, special taste, swallowed a group of young colorful parrot.
And Urs Fischer's work as usual, "bakery" can no longer use the ordinary common materials, such as bread, wood, foam and other expansion. Artist with a simple, childlike vision in creating such an old building, and do not fly into a few parrots, increasing its life breath. Over time, the bread began to deteriorate, the raw material changes occur. Naturally this transformation, the artist hopes to reflect our daily, but it is changing, unstable lives.


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