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Sun Liangang    PhD Tutor (Painting Research Class)

         Sun Liangang,his is a Chinese name; the family name is Sun.
        28 January 1969 (age 47)
        Great Contribution Award, World Peace Award Art Competition May 2002
Liangang Sun (Chinese: 孙连刚), born on January 28, 1969 in Beijing, China, is a Chinese contemporary artist. He is the initiator of contemporary Ideographism,[1] director of Chinese Artists Association, and Curator of Caochangdi Art District.
        1Sun Liangang with Caochangdi Art District
        2Sun Liangang with Columbia University and Oxford Art Academe
        3.1Sun's Paintings
        3.2China Contemporary Poet Art Exhibition
        3.3From Here To Eternity
        3.4Oriental Ideographism
        3.5Sun's Sculpture
        Sun Liangang with Caochangdi Art District
        Liangang Sun is the founder of Caochangdi Art District. He positioned Caochangdi on a more experimental and more academic level. Sun dedicates to develop Caochangdi to assist young artists while considering less the commercial factors. For instance, the “Zero Capital Policy” provides outstanding young artists platforms that bringing them into public.
        Sun Liangang with Columbia University and Oxford Art Academe
        Liangang Sun is now Earth Institute Sustainability in the Arts Advisor at Columbia University.
        Liangang Sun is now Professor Dr. Supervisor at Oxford Art Academe


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Sun Liangang /
PhD Tutor


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