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Born in 1974, Shadi Ghadirian, Iran is now a popular international emerging artists. She grew up, study, work in Tehran (Tehran), the university majoring in photography at the Art Institute, she graduated from the words after "accidentally" become a photographer, jokes that he "In addition to photography, but everything
Will not. "

Sadie · Jiadelian (Shadi Ghadirian) photographs challenge the international community to Islamic countries women preconceived impression - most people the impression that the Iranian women the only black headscarf. Her photographic works from his own experience as a modern woman living under the old canon and rules of starting work and complete description of the positive image of women, humorous look at life under the traditional role of women - a not just in the Middle East, but in all parts of the world can be captured widespread experience.

"In Iran, as a woman is tough, but as a female photographer harder," Sadie · Jiadelian (Shadi Ghadirian) said. She must comply with certain ethical guidelines, otherwise strict approval system is likely to prohibit the public display of her work as in the creation. For example, she can not drive alone, can not reveal the works of women's hair, the hair must be wrapped beneath the turban, not to mention contact with the male body. However, she still found these restrictions were to find a balance point, so she lives in the same time respect their community can express their ideas. Sadie · Jiadelian each piece is undoubtedly a daunting challenge, but also so let her photographic art exudes a special culture that others do not.

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