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Sophie Carr's artistic mix of images and text, and use it to arouse strong emotions usually only in epic literature and movies can get. Most of her extraordinary work, but most of the points are ordinary people, has a morbid curiosity from the "Address Book" (L'Homme au Carnet, 1983) to passionate betrayal of the "pain" (Douleur Exquise, 1984-2003) Karl knows how to raise the stakes and the general expansion into tragic quirks incomplete. She is a capable individual privacy to the master of arts degree of manipulation.

With the 2004 retrospective introspective Pompidou arts center in Paris "Do you see me? "(M'as-Tu Vue?) A great success with 2007's Carl" Take Care "(Prenez Soin de Vous) into a new field, the seminar on the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 meet later this month in New York Paula Cooper Gallery with the public. This is a man Karl received from email sent to her break up letter is in response to break up letter when Ms. trick trick. Karl different media she realized this 107 from a variety of different fields where women begged to donate objects, they include song and dance, scientific analysis, origami, shooting also forensic research. These very particular reaction seemingly simple - but it is common - female spiritual dilemma confirmed the diversity and imagination to overcome the negative emotions. Carr will discuss art and life as well as her exploration of space in between the transfer here.

LN:. Louise Nelly (LOUISE NERI), director of the Gagosian Gallery in New York, but also edit, curators and visual and performance art aspect of writers.
SC:. Sophie Carr (SOPHIE CALLE)

LN: "take care" is not the first time you create a great work involving social reactions. Can you describe the differences between himself designed the story about your work and broader incite a reaction between any of unimaginable works? Design your own story - such as 1983's "follow me" (Suite Vénitienne), tracking a man on the streets of Venice; "Address Book" (L'Homme au Carne), you find you contacted an address book everyone in their address book and master's impression entries published in the weekly newspaper; 2008's "Where? When? "(Where and When?), You have obeyed a" telescope "proposal.

SC: rules of the game is very strict. In the "take care", I asked each participant to answer very carefully, to try to analyze where I received from a man to a letter. These parameters are formulated good. For example, I asked experts to discuss its syntax grammar - I want to play professional vocabulary boring sex. I do not want a woman told me that sad. Perhaps, in addition to my mother ...

LN: Typically, however, she is not the most sentimental! (Laughs)

SC: I have my own sad - I do not need other people. This work is not about the retaliation. Nevertheless, all the woman or tell their point of view, perhaps they have all at some point in life abandoned man.

LN: In this issue particularly difficult various professional text analysis.

SC: These women are working very hard to face the work, but they will play with me. I want to avoid any tragedy. I really enjoyed, such as when all of the discussions are around a comma, like who kept talking about linguists words between two pairs of quotation marks. The more specific and detailed analysis of the more I like it. I could have kept continuing. There is no reason to stop - except the opening date of the Venice Pavilion!

LN: how do you find these women?

SC: Initially, I asked two of my girlfriend, who is a reporter, the other a writer. So I started this idea. I told them, "From your professional point of view." I began to think of some of the more significant work on the analysis of the text - a psychologist, a proofreader - and then I started looking for professional people: a philosopher, she recommended me later Linguist, then I recommend ethicists language family, and so on. Everybody says, "You have not thought of this person or that person?" Soon after, the whole program is far from me: I found a puzzle author, because she and text dealing with a female shooter, because she and target deal, and so on. Initially, I was just looking for an actor and a singer, as I just elected a psychologist. But in the end I was looking for 33 actors, singers and dancers, from Camille (Camille) to Na Dali. Desai (Nathalie Dessay) to Susan Di Yemu (Sussan Deyhim).

LN: Why?

SC: This is the main reason is because the situation in Venice: work must be French, because the French Pavilion, but most people visit Venice Biennale will not be French. So I was faced with my other work in most common translation problems, but in Venice. This implies the need to translate the text into more than 20 languages. So to make things simple, I will use a form of nonverbal.

LN: nonverbal means performances, such as the Indian classical dance, ballet Bunraku there?

SC: pair. As usual, the problem will bring solutions. This question gives me a lot I can not imagine a solution. I call this process as a French interpretation, it has two meanings: Reflections meaning and analyze it and dramatized performances. Actor is the interpreter. All women between the letter and I are interpreters.

LN: You in 2007, the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale conceived "Take care." Why do you recruit a curator for the project, and then eventually picked the artist Daniel Buren (Daniel Buren) from these applicants?

SC: Guidelines for the French Pavilion curators selected artists. Generally exhibition is not necessary, but the situation is very complicated at the Venice Biennale. Not so much I need a curator, rather I need is a partner, who can support me. Daniel also do more than that. He protected me, and more importantly, he helped me think about the work.

LN: how to say?

SC: At first he said he liked my work, but I like a lot of shows on the wall to open the book.

LN: It is very provocative comments on a regular and text and images dealing with artists. You are a good writer, very popular in literary appreciation.

SC: Daniel was visiting my house and saw my walls after it said (Sufi in Paris, home of the wall covered with a variety of art and artifacts). He felt a lot of these things than I show more lively. His comment was not about my writing - but because I have to reuse the same one form in many works. He asked me not to be so strict. As a result, I am in Venice seem more fun. I played too hard and let go, and I do not even worry about the students themselves would like want to test everything!

LN: Interestingly, since it is from these ideas like this have so Buren concept rigorous background artist ...

SC: That's why he could be my curator. He may work against it. If our works are very similar, it is impossible. It is different from ours let us together. His own work very seriously, even the details of each piece are true.

LN: In 2008, when the "take care" exhibited in Paris, he was involved in it?

SC: Yes, but more is to play. I invited him because Paris is our city, and also just after the end of Venice, and we had a great time together. I think to continue to work with him will be very lively.

LN: Paris exhibition is how it started?

SC: Biennale closed and the next one is planned for the exhibition between Monte Lee DHC / ART Foundation for Contemporary Art has a six-month time from Venice. We know you want to arrange work in such a short period of time between the two locations on display is very difficult, so we are looking forward to a miracle. Director of the French National Library Bruno Racine (Bruno Racine) said that he had a new space that can be used, so I will look for him. I am located in the National Library in Paris's 13th district is not very interested, but it does not seem to finally be completed on schedule, so I made the suggestion to use Bruno is located in Richelieu district (Richelieu) Rust Rab reading (Labrouste Reading Room ). He agreed, and will try to arrange, to arrange for funds from the space only spent a short period of 10 days. Two months after the opening of the exhibition. It's incredible!



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