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      Famous British director, screenwriter. I grew up in Wanstead. Later, Green studied painting at the Art Institute of Walthamstow. Early 1960s, he began to write novels, and some skits. From 1965, he was in office when the information center for 11 years screenwriter. In 1965, Greenaway began work as a documentary clip in the British government at the center of intelligence information (COI), this experience made him the future of film shot with a kind of "specimen flu", so he formed a very modest narrative ʱ?? Since 1978, he gradually received financial support of the British Film Institute. Later shoot some very successful films, such as "a Z and two O". His later film "The Pillow Book" are the producers by the Netherlandish Kees Kasander. In 1991, he began to organize a series of different themes of the exhibition in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In 1994 he lectures about the filmmakers and film language in Munich, London and other cities.
April 5, 1942 Born in Wales of the avant-garde type of director Peter Greenaway, is recognized as the most ambitious and controversial - director. He cut in from the mid-1960s began making his own experimental feature film, however, a big prize did not get, but moviegoers in the heart has to make a fair assessment of him.
Number of abundance Greenaway film, content complex, complicated thought. Precise editing, story structure designed to enrich the creativity and imagination to the screen more than one screen on the possibilities of narrative grammar, movies made in the form of a variety of presentation, this time, the space jump to subvert the mainstream films in chronological order of unity. It is highly experimental and subversive in the image caused by difficult audience and narrative reading comprehension.
In 1987, he took the "architect of the belly" is a comedy after the modernist avant-garde film, the bizarre beauty, desire, the banter between humanity portrayed very clear. 1989's "chef, thief, his wife and her lover" was called a satire on corruption fable British life, the film in the United States as a result of controversial topics and famous, if you want to study Greenaway The movie, this is full of cynical, brutal, sensual metaphorical film is absolutely not to be missed. In 1991, he shot "Prospero" is the most experimental film, Shakespeare's masterpiece "The Tempest" re-interpretation. The film uses a revolutionary new instrument electronic Paintbox, video staggered overlap, triggering an enthusiastic audience response. In 1993, he re-directed a highly controversial feature film "Magical Child", the film on the case of the 17th century the United States has been uneven land distribution is extremely ironic.
Greenaway apparently under study feminist aspect of the work, "8 and 2 per 1 woman", "Pillow Book" and other films are familiar reveal an evil, as if a woman born with a kind of power, but always subject to experience different from ordinary people will be released. In the "Pillow Book" in Greenaway will be fundamental to pursue feminist powers were straightforward description, entered the study of feminism from the most fundamental earliest literary, very conscious of the traditional (existing movie order) were his artistic deconstruction. Of course, the film caused a sensation not only because it subverts the male social order as an effective tool in the form of Hollywood films generally; there is a clear narrative strategy "PIP" montage of use.

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