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Neo Rauch
Contemporary artists almost no one like Neo Rauch so as to win the praise, but also led to so many rude and sternly refused to blame: In 2010 April 18 to August 15, the painter Neo Rauch hometown Leipzig and Munich jointly organized a major exhibition at the occasion of his 50th birthday, showing his paintings change over the years.

"To say what the task of the art, it is to make the tiny flame generated in good and evil." Neo Rauch in Leipzig home of plastic arts exhibition on the occasion of the opening of the museum he admitted. In his paintings intense burst of flame mind. Because he obsessed with painting - and continue to shape the image of the traditional methods. And in fact, since after this traditional art media production dominated the image had been dormant up.
The native people of Leipzig is one of the pioneers of the new painting of the rapid rise of the military's most prestigious, and even become a "media star." But let Munich Museum of Modern Art as a partner in a joint undertaking this retrospective, neither his meteoric rise to fame, nor is the market, not the artist's witty discourse, nor is his 50th birthday, but his work; Munich curator Bernhard? History Vunk (Bernhart Schwenk) In explaining the purpose of the exhibition says.

Because of his work in the past 17 years has changed dramatically - both in Leipzig and Munich respectively exhibited 60 paintings enough to make people believe it. These works come from private collections. Public museums in the beginning on the purchase of his paintings hesitant, then with the sharp rise in prices is often inaccessible.

















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