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Markus Lüpertz,April 25, 1941 Born in Bohemia Gottfried Rick, in 1948 the family moved to western Germany. He has worked as coal miners a year, after studying at the Düsseldorf Academy in 1962 to Berlin. Art scholarships in 1970, gave him the opportunity to learn life a year in Florence. The following year, won the German Critics Association Award. In 1974, to attend the first Berlin Biennale. In 1977, he refused to participate in the sixth Documenta. But in 1981, he changed his mind and took part in the seventh annual Documenta, held the same year, completed the opera "Vincent," the stage design. In 1984, he toured New York and published in the "New York Diaries: 1984." 1994, participate in the "German Art 1964-1994" exhibition. Luppe Shields is one of the most active of the 1970s the German artist, specializes in painting and sculpture, his work as a number of large European and American museums. He was a poet, he has published several books of poetry. Varied and strong visual impact is its artistic features. Luppe Shields art not avoid politics, do not evade history, he calmly, boldly confront the Nazi period was split Germanic peoples and the German national disgrace, he put some sign and symbol of the Nazis diverted for his own works, to create a very unique and shocking image, full of metaphors and symbols. Luppe Shields himself said: "My painting stuffed secret sign for the future, I do not know, the audience does not understand."
Marcus - Luppe Shields German neo-expressionist painting of a three masters, called a national treasure figure. His versatility: painting, sculpture, poetry, piano, jazz nothing unreasonable, as the Dusseldorf Art Academy professor and dean of his great genius themselves as artists in one. His wild, persistent, outspoken, but also the pursuit of the perfect life of luxury and appearance. He loves cars, women, fashion, and cuisine, is the idol of many women. In late August, Luppe Shields exhibition will unveil in Nanjing. Only recently returned from Beijing, he accepted this station Chinese network reporter's interview.

Marcus - Luppe Shields was born in 1941 in Liberec (now Czech Republic). He studied at the Duesseldorf Art Academy, get the hospital professor title since 1986, and served as President since 1988. Luppe Shields now shuttling between Berlin, Dusseldorf and Karlsruhe. In 40 years of writing career, Luppe Shields won numerous artistic awards, famous throughout the world. One representative of sculpture standing of women philosophers in Berlin Chancellery corridor.

Germany: Mr. Luppe Shields, hello. You are regarded as one of Germany's neo-expressionism three giants. German Neo-Expressionism art world had no small influence, I ask, what are the new German Expressionism realistic significance?

Luppe Shields: it is necessary to note that the new expressionism but a temporary concept. It produced in the early 20th century German expressionism in fact there is not much contact. Our generation did not live in the last century, 20 years, no life experience before the war, there is no fear of life. Our wild militant pen drawing and painting only to itself, and to get rid of the general public about the narrow, in order to make his painting more dynamic. Significance of painting is painting itself. Painting is eternal, it is time coexist, so the significance of this issue of painting does not exist.

Germany: You and Baselitz (G.Baselitz) and Richter (G.Richter) is a national treasure of art masters. Richter's painting dreamlike, Baselitz's inverted figure painting also leaves a deep impression. So what is a typical Luppe Shields painting style?

Luppe Shields: You admire Baselitz and Richter explain your understanding of painting. Baselitz's inverted figure always creative, Richter's screen is very dim. They opened the door to understanding the painting for the general public. And I do not. I do not belong to this painter. Here you can not get from my memories of fragments, can not get a fixed style, you get from me is a picture of art, like a string of pearls, as you are able to understand these works has nothing to do with me. I will not give you any explanation, I wish to avoid American-style painting, I am a European artist, I only ask questions of creation, never give any answer.

Germany: So how can we understand your work? Can you do some tips?

Luppe Shields: That I can not do anything. If you can not understand my work, then you can not evaluate them. I can only tell you what my creative motivation is telling you that I was a talented artist, as to how to understand my art, what is the meaning they only rely on your own to solve these problems.

Germany: between the artist and the viewer can not communicate it?

Luppe Shields: between the viewer and the artist did not have any relationship. You must understand that the artist never be separated from the society of people outside the perverse, the artist is a society in which people have a talent for painting. Some people have the talent for drawing society, that person is me. My work does not necessarily need to be understood society. Whether people understand the work of art, or rejected, merely reflected the spirit of the times, but does not affect the art itself. You can think of some of the art is superior to make, some work is not, but it is just your perception of it, this does not mean that your understanding is correct. Perhaps a hundred years later we will know the art of good and bad.

Germany: So the boundaries of art and non-art between where is it?

Luppe Shields: Only the artist can answer this question, he will tell you the good and bad art. Because he must take social responsibility for their own works of art. Viewers can feel art, produce a variety of feelings, nothing more. This is my personal view.


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