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Mark Leckey(Born in England in 1964, Wei Lu Wirral, Birkenhead Birkenhead), British artist, in collage (collage art), music and video art. Lost in 1999 because of his video (found footage) works Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore reputation in the Lost and embezzlement since been committed to artistic creation.

In his work Felix Gets Broadcast (2007), he drew early Phillip cat (Felix the Cat) image. Drunken Bakers (2004) in that he misappropriated a comic book in the name, so it appears in the Viz magazine of the same name (Note: Viz is a popular British comic magazine, started in 1979). Lost Lost his art and works across its multiple lens works, the most famous is the Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999). In the film, he was shot by Lost disco and touting 70.80 1990s Britain, recording generations of British cities, rural youth's rite of passage (rites of passage). He also produced "The Invasion (immersion)" works to the audience of the auditory and visual stimulation. For example, he works Sound System (2002).

What is Found Footage?

First explain found, here found refers to (literary works, etc.) to find, Lost and natural form (not the creation, but by artists natural products or existing text material processing completed). The found footage film is a term that describes a portion or all of the restructuring of others have been shot or shot the way, let placed in a new context to change its meaning. Here's found footage should not be mistaken for documentary (documentary) or assembler movie (compilation film), but also non-stock lens (stock footage). This term is similar to the history of art in the Lost Art (found object or objet trouvé).

Leckey was born in Birkenhead (Birkenhead), close to Liverpool (Liverpool), a working-class family, but he he thinks he needs to get rid of his town, he became a temporary worker. This is a working-class style, a true subculture (subculture): middle-class lads often wearing casual clothes, golf wear, sportswear - often in magazines that you look to those who could not care less (jetset) wearing apparel ʱ?? Eventually, another interpretation of the word temporary is football hooligans, (football hooligan). This is a sham, one using clothing to change the identity of the boring way. Leckey In his 16-year-old high school for some time, almost nothing. But he began to learn something about the obsession with "civilization", and he began to diligently go to the library. "I am a self-taught, and this is the reason why I use characters, this is a typical sign.." Finally, he received his father's ultimatum and decided to go to Newcastle located (Newcastle) Art Institute, but not pleasant reading. Then comes the early 1990s, the theory of criticism sweeping the country. This place is full of love from the south to read Invensys Peake (Mervyn Peak) and Tolkien (Tolkien) hippie, suddenly, they were forced to read Barthes (Barthes) and Derrida (Derrida) a. It is as if Chairman Mao first year in general, "I became very skeptical of these critical theory."


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