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Michael Elmgreen&Ingar Dragset

Michael Elmgreen 1961 Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ingar Dragset1968. Elmgreen and Dragset also a pair of gay people all know, the two met in 1995 and began a joint creation, production of a large number of installations, performances, environmental and other works, works mainly focused on the current serious cultural concerns , full of wit and irony subversive humor mean, I want to explore and reshape a space and its innumerable possibilities in the meaning and function of the range of work by the creation of art, architecture and design between. He moved to Berlin in 1997, to a level of more than 100 houses as their homes and studios, now has been working and living in Berlin.

Elmgreen and Dragset held many famous exhibition, also participated in numerous international famous art exhibition, in 2006 and 2009, twice exhibition in Japan Taka Ishii Gallery (Taka Ishii Galley) "the Incidental self" and " Supermodels ", 2008 at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London (Vicoria Miro Gallery) organized the exhibition" Too Late "; 2003 年 two of the Nazi persecution of homosexuals during the design of the monument; in 2005 the two had a fashion brand Prada in Texas desert in the design of a Prada store; in 2006 to participate in "The Welfare Show"; Elmgreen and Dragset best known projects than in the 2009 Venice Biennale Danish Pavilion and the Norwegian Pavilion do the exhibition "collectors" ("Collector").

"Powerless structure" ("Powerless Structures") series

A series of works called "powerless structure" ("Powerless Structures") to make Elmgreen and Dragset been widespread concern in the international arena, challenging the conventional perception of space people: To study the potential of those desires, building structure and social structure Here it is restructured, including everyday objects and to walls, ceilings, entrances and exits of the simple arrangement of control ideological space of traditional towering creation. It is also a series of creative artists constantly works is increasing in ......

"Powerless structure" creative thinking is based on a paper Foucault, Foucault pointed out in the text, limiting human action is not the structure itself, but to a certain pattern of behavior at a given Structure. This series of works is involved in different areas of public space conditions change issue, given the different structure of urban public areas, including the environment, landscape and architecture and other arts organizations. Through the creation of space to change the established tradition, the space into a new meaning context, such as deeply implanted in the ground floor of the white cube, like a lake; an elevated gallery space of the cube; hanging from the ceiling of a huge cube, like fall from the sky to the ground, giving the precarious and are unable to feel.



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