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      Marlene Dumas,Born in 1953 in South Africa, moved to the Netherlands in 1976, his works have an Expressionist style, her way of judgment and interpretation of conceptual art to observe life, so that works beyond the traditional performance style. As a female artist, with these paintings, ink, and watercolor depicting female figures, portraits and erotic scenes of children with a strong personal style, unique in the male-dominated contemporary painting.
Dumas in 1998 by the international attention, participated in the Shanghai Biennale in 2000 after people well known and is considered likely to open up new directions ink character, and now she is one of the most watched international artists, there are many domestic artists affected by her. Dumas considerable attention to portraits, she will race, gender and social status together with the thought of her personal experience and art historians who, creating a unique and important perspective to examine the current, controversial topics ʱ??
She usually depict women; painted their bodies, faces, their emotions, their self imagination and ego ideal, she showed that women generally do not belong to the category of the United States we have long formed in my mind, even considered to be ugly; And she described children are basically in a weak position under an abuse of, or psychological twist to the performance of the state; the sex scenes are usually no taboo, naked in front of the viewer. We see her as a female artist in a male-dominated societies, her unique personal feelings expressed through the screen bold form her unique performance style du style. Her work is largely offended mainstream aesthetic practices, reflecting a confrontational her patriarchal society. While not emphasize their gender identity, but she is completely in her own eyes, to re-examine the state she was in the presence of social groups and the community. Her paintings contain sexual metaphor suggests that the spirit of the real world chaos. Dumas's work does not provide any comfort to the audience, she undermined the image of the most fundamental narrative, communication capabilities, stripped a beautiful coat, which provoked confusion and fear.


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