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Throughout the 1990s, Tyson's creation are put into the "art machine" of the system, this made him derivative of "arbitrary", causality, issues such as understanding the origin of things "machine." "Art Machine" Tyson invention is a method, the use of computer systems, charts, books and other materials derived from the world and the idea of ​​"accidental", the idea being diverted to produce works on a variety of media. "Art Machine" produced numerous Tyson earlier works, including the 1995 London Anthony Reynolds's first solo exhibition, exhibition name calling, (From The Artmachine) "from the art machine." In (The Artmachine Iterations) "repeated Art Machine" in the works, leaving Tyson stepped into the international arena of art.

This group of works on paper as a whole, it is Tyson's sketchbook or journal. Each painting is standard 158 cm x 126 cm, which is the creation of a draft Tyson nail on the wall in the studio format. Years later, these drawing paper record of his thinking, mood, tempo and temperament, visited the studio recording a person, world events and even economic ups and downs and so on. They are generally in the large-scale exhibition, according to the non-chronologically presented in the form.
Seven wonders of the world, is human civilization itself a kind of awe and praises type of title. Tyson here to use this argument to people concerned about the world itself again, every one works and philosophy, mathematics, science and other concepts related to, these are the basis of all human knowledge. The spectacle, must go beyond this foundation of all explanation is to look for the possibility of the infinite diversity of the universe.

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