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Jeff Koons,Born in 1955 in the United States, in 1976 graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art. After graduating from college, Queens did not immediately engage in arts-related work, but on Wall Street and became a successful stockbroker. The early 1980s, as an advocate of radical Neo-Geo, the Queens for the first time into sight, causing the art world's attention. Neo-Geo advocated appropriation and parody is the core of Koons' art of this period. Should be said that the booming 1960s American pop art of Koons had crucial importance influence, Queens to meet, curious and even bizarre fun attitude demonstrated modern commercial society. Early 1980s, Koons draws Duchamp misappropriation and ism, so beautifully modern goods did not harm ground into the state of the art, his place in the organic glass cleaner, suspension of basketball, in read in to bring endless reverie, still smarting. A wide variety of merchandise, advertising, cartoon toys not only a colorful modern commercial society, but also the performance of the modern seem childlike unending desire for consumption. Queens and grew up in the United States Commodity rapid development of society and has a short but although business experience of a lifetime, so although the same as the performance of the object to public goods, implicitly critical spirit different from the first generation of Pop artists is Koons's work is full of satisfaction and narcissism. He intends to break the people accustomed standard of beauty, the most vulgar public image in a very delicate way manifested, in particular, a series of intimate works that he and his wife, because of suspected pornography, expose it naturally caused no small controversy ʱ??

Jeff Koons did not hesitate to draw all the nutrients in the history of art, Dada, Duchamp practices, early Pop Art, Minimalism and become the source of his information and reference. He held high the banner of mass communication, the courage to "high" culture destabilize, to challenge the concept of traditional aesthetics grade.


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