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Jake Chapman (born 1966) and Dinos Chapman (born in 1962) were born in Cheltenham and London, in 1990, the two graduated from the Royal College of Art, Master of aesthetics, then began co-authoring. Now he lives and works in London.

In 1993, through the exhibition "disaster of war" [The Disasters of War], Chapman brothers into the public eye. Seventeenth-century Spanish artist Goya, Fassi creation of the Napoleonic wars, famous series of prints that inspired Chapman brothers, they use a plastic film-type reproduction of this historical picture. In 2003, London's Tate Gallery's Turner Prize, held their nomination exhibition, the work "intensified" [Insult to Injury] continuation of the Spanish artist's influence on them.

Chapman Brothers fascinated to one rough style, through their work on the horror and abject moral edge explored. In 1996, their exhibition "Chapman world" [Chapmanworld] In Institute of Contemporary Art caused a great controversy, because they were on display called "tragic human" [Tragic Anatomies] works, the works use an unusual approach to child model was deformed.

However, in dealing with the heavy themes, the brothers often uses a special and perverse humor. In 2002, at the London White Cube Gallery, "Chapman Family Collection Exhibition" [Works from the Chapman Collection], they exhibited some of the sculptures. These sculptures glance Africa and Oceania ancient religious sculpture, but a closer look will find are "fake." Indeed, sculpture body, the use of time-warped world of big company logo, such as McDonald's. Display is serious, like artifacts in general, but the artist's works is the image of modern capitalism absurd mockery. In addition to these sculptures, as well as a series of the same name to the huge and delicate sketches. "Chapman Family Collection - Drawings III" [Drawing III from theChapman Family Collection, 2002], shows a cross placed on a "Big Mac" hamburger head, critique of neo-liberalism and all the Christian Democratic zhengzhi The so-called ethics.

Chapman brothers endless irony and humor along with their exhibition history --- exhibition include: "?? Dinos and Jake Chapman, Chapman, GCSE Art exam" [GCSE Art Exam], Art Ginza space, Tokyo, 2000; "?? Jake and Dinos Chapman, Chapman, the new work" [New Work], Museum of Modern Art, London, 2001; "being raped creativity" [The Rape of Creativity ], the Oxford Museum of Modern Art, 2003; "Christian explained to dinosaur" [Explaining Christians to Dinosaurs], the wave Kennedy thought Gallery, 2005; and in 2005 the White Cube Gallery, "like a dog aftertaste own vomit was "[Like a dog returns to its vomit]. Tate Liverpool has planned a large-scale retrospective of works 2006-2007 Chapman brothers.


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