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Graham was born in 1942 and grew up in Illinois, he began his career writer, then he founded a short-lived gallery in New York - John - Daniel Gallery, at the gallery, he introduced the concept of a group of young and minimalist artists, including the later famous Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, and Robert Smithson. This experience has brought to the creation of Graham later a deep impact.

Height reject Graham serious modern art in the early 1960s into the torrent of pop art, his early works did some ideas and magazines related, he said: "I like street magazine, because they are like pop songs, can easily be discarded, it brings a moment of joy. "

Graham works flowing, open, and democratic qualities continue to exert a strong influence on the young generation of artists in a contemporary art as one of the most innovative and influential artists, Graham has been at the many important artistic development forefront of the process, including concept art, videos, video installations, performances, site-specific sculpture, combining music creation, and so on. The exhibition shows all the attempts he made in these areas.

Graham's creative intent is to "find from others in our own," his work seriously discussed the instant desire - when interconnected between people and immediate feedback regulation of our collective consciousness, then, this collective consciousness It will be expanded to an unprecedented global level.

丹格雷厄姆 retrospective held there in 2009 in Los Angeles, the Renaissance Society, Chicago, 1981, University Museum retrospective, Kunsthalle Bern in 1983, Perth, Western Australia in 1985, Van Abbemuseum Art Museum, Eindhoven 1993 and the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford University in 1997.

He has participated in Documenta five in 1972, Documenta six 1977, Documenta seven 1982, Documenta nine in 1992 and 1997 Documenta ten edited. In 2001, he was the most important retrospective, "丹格雷厄姆, Works 1965-2000" at the Museum Serralves, Porto, Portugal Exhibition, and traveled to the ARC / Orsay in Paris modern art city, Kr, held in Paris ? ller, Miller Museum, Outlaw and Dusseldorf exhibition galleries.


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