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Cindy Sherman  Born in 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, grew up in Long Island suburbs. His father was an engineer, his mother a school teacher, she is the youngest of five children a, now living in New York. American famous photographer. Because different pictures from famous these photos reflect the different years of the typical image of women in Western society.

Cindy Sherman, said: "Although I never admit that my work has a feminist ideology, or political declaration, but in fact, every one of my works are based in reality a female point of view of culture The results observed. "She has a solemn declaration, her photographic works should belong to the category of conceptual art. The main idea of ​​the performance in the series to work step by step process of being formed. No matter how changes in her work, but the theme of the performance is almost the same, such as the performance of women in social activities and concentrate on painting himself. Sherman's famous early works in the 1980s created a series of "photographic still life", and shows the artist in his own Strolling past the pile of memories. Technical approach and content are all 50, a popular style of the 1960s. Subsequently, Sherman threw himself into shooting color photographs among which the most important works is the invitation of New York "Art Forum" magazine and creation. Substantial works occupy two full magazines, repeating the performance of the artist's prone and facial features. In 1983, Cindy Sherman created the first piece of fashion photography, ironically recognized standards of female beauty. Since 1985, the creation of the "fairy tale" to 1986 after the creation of the "disaster", Sherman began to reduce the participation of individual identity. In 1988--1990 creation of the "historical portrait" used in the decomposition of the artificial limb, on the main character in the 1992 creation of "sex" in the Identity again. From after 1994 after the creation of the "terror", the body almost disappeared from her works, the only exception is in 1995 after the creation of the "mask", the artist personally appeared. In 1997, she created the film "The Office Killer." In this work, Sherman beyond the social status of women, will be the focus of concern focused on the history of cinema.

"Terror Gothic tone lets you psychologically for yourself in your life, or death to prepare for potential violence. I think this is far from even laugh at it with a way. It just makes you more of Those things have to go through to prepare. "- Cindy Sherman

In today all living artists in the United States, Cindy Sherman has one of the most easily recognizable face, because she has spared no effort to show that image in his work. The classic image of a lot of her personal flooding in nearly 20 years of work - started his art scene since the late 1970s when the "Untitled Film Pictures" series, was the old masters of imitation series, until recently, a number of staggering color printing installations, she had to costumes, posture slim femininity spokesman image has been gradually transformed into a nightmare filled with artificial blood and broken plastic limbs screen.

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