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       Berlinde de Bruyckere Is a Belgian artist at the Venice Biennale in 2003, beginning with the international status when she works on display is "dark horse" - under smooth fur covered with a huge, servile and deformed body, and put them into a different position. Venice show their work before, she exhibited in  Des War Museum over the size of five people dead horse cast "in Flanders fields," which is critical to the First World War . Beilin De De Bruycker, referring to the horse he said: "Ultimately I decided not to expose its face, I just want people to see it in the ear, and this is it so pleasant reason. "
        Beilin De De Bruycker focus on sculpture, specializes in a variety of media, including wax, wood, wool, horse skin and hair. Her nightmarish place that sculpture, performance on either humans or horses, speech of suffering and vulnerability, love or violence. De Bruycker effort with wax and epoxy exaggerated shape the present and the scars of trauma and pain of life and death struggle, mainly targeted people, but also animals and plants. Her work continues to reflect the love and suffering, danger and protection, life and death of duality. She DHC / ART works on display include a horse, a large vitrine and two wax on the shelf.

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Berlinde de Bruyckere

◎Art work

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