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       Anselm Kiefer  March 1945 8 Sunrise was born in Donaueschingen, Germany. One of the new representative of German Expressionism, is Germany's most important contemporary artists recognized.
       1970s Anselm Kiefer had studied in Germany of the most influential avant-garde artists Joseph Beuys (Joseph Beuys) and Peter Dreher. His works often in the Bible, Norse mythology, Wagner's music and the theme of Nazi satire, and extensive use of straw, dust, shellac, stone, models, photographs, prints, sand and lead iron and other metal elements. The performance impact of the famous Jewish poet Paul Celan's poetry on the theme of Anselm Kiefer is very huge, he usually will Celan's poems as works of name or an exhibition theme.
        Whether Anselm Kiefer what form art, such as painting, behavior, photography, integrated materials, devices or sculptures, they are permeated with introspection and reflection on the history and culture. His work is full of tension, stirring. Full of strong and melancholic beauty and historical significance is deeply involved in the German viewer is often misunderstood. In contemporary painters who say that the twentieth century world culture had an important meaning, and Anselm Kiefer is worthy of the title of that person.

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Anselm Kiefer

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