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Armen Eloyan
Born in 1966 in [the capital of the Republic of Armenia] Yerevan (ie Yerevan).
Amsterdam and Zurich in work and life
2003--2005, in cooperation with the Amsterdam Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten

Solo Exhibition

2009 Zurich Bob van Orsouw gallery
2008 "bookstore agents" (Bookstore Cure), Timothy Taylor Gallery in London gallery
"Local Gothic culture" (Local Gothic and Culture), Switzerland Halle Sankt Gallen Art Museum
2007 Centre Culturel Suisse (Project Room), Paris
"Shoe yard feet: Amon Eloyan" (Two feet in one shoe: Armen Eloyan), Parasol unit, London Contemporary Art Fund
2006 "Automation Center" (Autocenter), Berlin (sponsored by Joep van Liefland)
"About the cartoon painting" Zurich Bob van Orsouw gallery
2005 "I remember more" (The More I remember), Amsterdam, De Praktijk, Leeuwarden, Fries Museum of Art,
2004 "Welcome to Our Home" (Welcome home where we are), Gem, The Hague,
Wir rufen euch, De Praktijk, Amsterdam
2003 "Recent Works" (Recent Works), The Hague Kunstenaarsinitiatief MXO
2002 "martyrs" (Martyrs), Amsterdam De Praktijk,
2000 Coopmanshus Art Museum, Franeker, Netherlands

Group Exhibitions

2008 "Automation Center" (Autocenter), Berlin
"Die to live" (Live Undead), Transmission Gallery, Athenagoras Scott
"Auto reverse" (Autoreverse), Bob van Orsouw Gallery, Zurich
"Came from Armenia, with love" (From Armenia with Love), GEMAK, The Hague
"Nothing left over" (No Leftovers), Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland
2007 "Bad Dad" (Bad Dad), Objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp (Belgium provinces)
"Broker joke marriage" (On the Marriage Broker Joke), Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp
2006 "Agere Meaney hut" (Villa Jelmini), Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland
2005 "Dutch Prato and Bisenzio Valley of local art" (Territoria. Art from The Nederlands in Prato and the Bisenzio Valley), Centro
per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Italy
"Negligence" (Malpractice), De Praktijk, Amsterdam
Open Studio, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
2004 "sunscreen" (Sunblock), zomergroepstentoonstelling, De Praktijk, Amsterdam
Open Studio, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
2003 "avoid emptiness" (To Avoid the Void, Artwalk, Amsterdam

Private and public collections of works
Some scattered collection of works in Switzerland and Hong Kong
Netherlands Chadha Art Collection
Italy Prato (I) of the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art
Deutsche Bank Collection in London

Brief introduction
Amon Eloyan (ARMEN ELOYAN) born in 1966, Armenia in 2005 after obtaining a degree in Rijksakademie, to live and work in Amsterdam and Zurich. In 2006, the Kunsthalle Bern Gallery, he participated in a group exhibition called "Agere Meaney town" (Villa Jelmini), and exhibited his works on paper, so he is very famous in Switzerland.
Bob van Orsouw gallery made his first major solo exhibition, exhibited his entire "and cartoon-related" paintings. His paintings often compactly filled the screen, play loud, there are a lot of colorful cartoon characters, we are familiar with the phenomenon of mass culture and pop image. However, compared to conventional comic, Eloyan paintings and illustrations of not ordering. Hero image is displayed in the image with the fragment, so the narrative of the image into the background in favor of forms of composition.
Eloyan style is spontaneous, intense. Some works in bright strokes implies individual fields.


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